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CYPRESS SEMICONDUCTOR    LED Lighting, Applications & Controllers  TRANSISTOR GUIDE



Frequency list for USA by State/County/City  Select your state then drill down to the county you are in.

16F84 / 16F628 etc

Guide to use the PIC

Interfacing LCDs to PIC microcontrolers

Myke Predko's Resource Web Site

PIC Microcontoller Input - Output Methods

The PICList

PIC Microcontroller Programmers


Amateur Radio Antenna Projects



Numerical Electromagnet Code (NEC) Archives



Audio stuff

Network Downloads SimpleServerShout --- AnalogX

cd cover art

Celebrities - Find free celebrity pictures


digital ham links

Ham Radio

Infamous Chart

125 Mile WiFi (not amplified)

ARS Sojourner Antenna Techniques

Add a pigtail to a DLINK wireless card

Anti Jamming SWL antenna

Arrow Diplexer

Balanced Balanced Antenna Tuner

Beer Can Antenna

Blootooth Sniper Rifle

Book: From Transmitter to Antenna

Book: USMC Radio Ops Handbook

Book: USMC antenna handbook

Cebik on the 5 best backyard antennas

Chili Can Antenna WiFi

Common mode currents in end fed antennas

Cpole anenna

Cpole calculator

DOS-based RF calculators

Diplexer 2m/440 3

diplexer 2m/440

Diplexer in a can

ESSEQUE antenna

Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas

FLEX - Folded Conical Helix antenna

g3vgr zmatch

G5RV design info

Grasswire antenna

Great Small Loop Page

Hentenna Applications

Hentenna information

High gain broadband active antenna - dipole

Modelling Traps

NEC archives

noise cancelling phasing circuit

Notebook Antenna

Ohms law vertical phasing

Parabolic antenna for WiFi

Pneumatic Antenna Launching

QRP-L Antenna articles

Simple and Flexible QRP tuner

T network antenna tuner applet

Tuned Widestrip interference cancelling antenna

VLF Loop antenna

W3EDP antenna

W5GI mystery antenna

W8NX trap dipole

W9CF antenna applets

wb3gck zmatch

Why Antennas Radiate

WiFi - Chicken broth box antenna

WiFi Antenna Shootout

WiFi BiQuad

WiFi Bucket Antenna

WiFi Helix Antenna

WiFi Helix

WiFi colinear antenna


wireless pen antenna Antenna page

This is Excellent

Zmatch - wd6cbf

zmatch efficency

zmatch single coil

zmatch toroidal coil



Intro to biasing and loadline analysis

Measuring input and output impedance of amps

Measuring output impedance

Mosfet Switchmode Amplifiers (Class DEF)

RF amp design using Itersil transistor arrays

SM0VPO Transisistor Biasing 1

SM0VPO Transisistor Biasing 2

SM0VPO basic linear amplifier design

TonneSoftware class E amp design software

Transistor PA Bias Circuits

Transistor biasing workbook

W7ZOI Amp Notes

W7ZOI Cascode BJT RF amp bias experiments

W7ZOI Experiments with JFET Biasing

W7ZOI JFET Biasing Tutorial

WA1HQC on Class E amps


4 State QRP Club

AMQRP club

Adventure Radio Society (Sojurner)

BC QRP club 3764 8:30 ADT nightly

CW Operators QRP CLUB

Columbus QRP Club

Flying Pigs QRP Club

Google List of QRP Clubs

Ham Radio India

Norcal QRP club

QRPP International

RACES Powerpole info

Santa Cruz Ham club Short Skip magazine

Southgate ARC QRP club


2 transistor ssb rig for 6 meters


5 band equalizer chip

AACircuit - ascii schematics

AADE Filter Design Software's links

AD9850 Device Configuration Assistant

Active filter whitepaper

Air Core Coils

An AD9850 DDS in ham use

Analog Devices Smith Chart tutorial

Audio Circuits

BC Band highpass filter 2

BC band filters 3

BC band hp filter

Balun cookbook

Balun on Ferrite

Basic circuit theory

book - Sci and Engr DSP Guide

Broadband Transformer Construction

Broadband transformers and mixers

CMOS VFO buffer/ diode mixer driver

ca3028 w/ discrete transistors

Circuits for the Hobbyist

Communication Concepts AMP KITS

Counting circuits

Crystal ladder filter design online

Curve Tracer using Printer Port

dBm VRMS etc convertor

DC-DC Converter Tutorial Maxim-IC

Data Sheets

Designing an audio equalizer

Discover Circuits schematics

Do it yourself OpAmps

EDN Design Ideas

EDN mag -SSB generation w/Hilbert Transform

EE Design Reference Information

ELSIE,ClassE, Meter software

Electronic Component Identification

Electronic Schematic Search

Electronics Circuits Archive

Electronics Resources

Electronics newsgroup archives

Elektor Electronics Projects

Equalizer design

FET circuits

Fabricating Impedance Transformers 2nd Look

Ferromagnetic Core Data

Freepcb - Outputs Gerber files.

GEDA Linux spice/Electronic Design Automation

Gell cell charger 6V

GreenBay Wireless Club -INTERESTING

grid dip meter

grid dipper schematics

Guitar Effects Schematics 2

Guitar Effects Schematics

Guitar Effects Schematics

hb radios

Headblaster audio amp

Hobby Circuits Collection lots of good links

i0cg k1 ssb mod

IRF510 amp ik4auy

ik3oil pic freq counter cheap

Impedance Matching - Bryant

JF1OZL execllent hand drawn schematic ideas

LED Clock 1

LED Clock 2

LED Clock 3

LED Clock 4

LMS impedance bridge

Ladder Filter 2

ladder filter 1

ladder filter 3

ladder filter 4

lots of irf510 amps

Martindales Engineering

Mixer FAQ from minicircuits

Mixer Theory

Mixers in Radio Communications

N4UAU DC-DC booster

NE602 pspice model

ne602 balanced modulator

noise gate / compressor ssm2166

OceanState Electronics downloads

Old radio schematics/12v regen

Olimex pc boards

One transistor battery charge circuit

Online Reactance Calculator


OpAmp applications guide

OpenCollector Database (openhardware tools)

PIN diode limiters

Phasing Method for SSB

Prototyping techniques

Push pull amp using parallel transistors

QEX/ARRL files

Quadrature phase shift network - audio adjustable

Quadrature phase shift networks

RF power transistors


RFparts Transistors

Rainbow LED voltmeter

Reducing Amplifier Spurs

SMD Codebook

SPICE for Hams

SSB generation using DSP

Schematic Archive

SolderMount prototyping boards

Some Aspects Balun Design

Spice Model Index

Spice Software

spiceAD V4 lite

Super Capacitor Battery

Super Capacitor Hand Charger

TI's OpAmps for Everyone

TL431 shunt regulator as audio amp

TTL pinouts

The EE Compendium

Tonne Software - meter/classe etc

Transistor substititution rules of thumb



UNUN Sevick less than 1:4

Unijunction Transistor using PNP and NPN

Use of Ferrites in Broadband Transformers

Use transistors to replace ca3028

VFO Circuits

VFO QRP Pops Hartley 2 Fet

VFO Stable wide range

VU2FAX Farhan Simple 2 band xcvr

W7EL articles baluns antennas etc

WA5BDU's Spice/Banjo/QRP site

Wideband rf transformers circuits schematics

XE1BEF projects links


10-600pf variable cap using hinged circuitboards amateur radio

AMradio using 3 terminal ic

ARRL Hands-On-Radio

Agilent Educators Corner (Lab counter/D2A)

Agilent Educators Corner

Arnie Coro DXers Ulimited fm Radio Havana Cuba

Audio oscillator for mcw fm

Book: Crystal Sets to Sideband

Build a crystal radio set in your kitchen

CDROM radio and homebrew headphone

CW contest simulator MorseRunner

Cheap SWL radios

Cigar Box Xtal Radio Set

Crystal Radio Kits

Crystal Radio parts (polyvaricons, hi-Z earphones)

Crystal Radios

Crystal Set

Crystal set Headphone matching

Daves homemade radios - Xtal sets

Elmer 101 discussion of SW40+

Elmer 101

Exploring the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Foxhole Radio

Headset performance in XTAL radios


kk7ug links

Koch method cw trainer

Michigan Mitey Mite Transmitter

Navy Electricity & Electronics Train Series NEETS

Oatmeal box crystal radio set

Online Book - Electricity/Electronics

Online Book electricCircuits

phonetic alphabet (funny)

PileMania CW contest simulator

RF Noise Identification Page

rec radio amateur newsgroups

Repair of Old Vacuum Tube Radios

SWR theory

Simple FET Electrometer

Tesla's Life Story in Morse Code

Twin T audio oscillator

What Ham Radio is Like

ZL1AN Teach

Great morse code training program


Military humor


16f877 Electronics bench in a box

1ghz scope probe construction

20 dB Coupler

20dB or 30dB directional coupler Elecraft

23 db DDS amp

6 digit counter

Add a 1ghz prescaler to your 10mhz scope

B&K oscilloscope handbook

Build a Vector Network Analyzer

Build a cheap 1ghz scope probe

Build a digital storage scope using an fpga

Continuity tester etc

continuity tester

Curve Tracer

DBM/RMSVolts/Watts @50ohms conversion

DK3RED instrumentation page

EDN Test and Measurement Schematics

Equivalent Series Resistance tester

FET grid dip meter.

Frequency Standard

Homebrew FET scope probe.

Homebrew Spectrum Analyzer

How to test a MosFet

Kits for Skottys Spectrum Analyzer

LMS impedance bridge

logic probe 1

logic probe 2

logic probe 3

logic probe 4

logic probe 5 with pulser 16f84

logic probe 6 74122

logic probe 7 16f84 microchip an

low voltage continuity tester

MFJ259 calibration


Manhattan Noise Generator

Massive number of links from

Measure Z with X-Y scope 1

Measure Z with X-Y scope 2

Mondoprobe using 16f870

N0SS noise source

n5fc junkbox capacitor checker


Oscilloscope Tutorials

PIC LC Meter

PIC LC Meters

QRP rf power measurements

RF current probes

RF probe

Return Loss to VSWR conversion

Return Loss/SWR calculator disk

Return loss bridge basics

Return loss bridge





Scope probe types


Scotty Sprowls Spectrum Analyzer

Signal Tracer/Injector npn

Signal Tracker / lm386

signal tracer / detector

signal tracer / injector and detector

Signal tracer pulser/tracker

Simple Gate Dip Meter

Spectrum analyzer using TV tuners

Super octapus

TecTronix XYZs of oscilloscopes

test equipment schematics

The Engineer's Guide to DSP

The Octapus tester

Third Ord Intercept from 1dB Compression Point

Time domain reflectometer

Two Tone Test 1

Two Tone Test Elecraft


Using Oscilloscopes

V/I Curve tracer



Aquinas - Do angels pass thru space or jump?

Aquinas - Summa Contra Gentiles - Translation

Aquinas - Summa Theologica 2

Benfords Law

Blue Tarp Kayak

Bootable Cluster CD (linux cluster)

Build your own Skype chat cord

CD Burner XP freeware

Electric Sheep collaborative screensaver

External Chi measurements

First man to break the sound barrier

Fourmilab RetroPsychoKenisis experiments

Fourmilab RetroPsychoKinesis

Free online books

FreeMind / MindMap


Hack of the Day

HomeBrew CPU - all 7400 chips

How Microsoft lost the API wars

Interesting stuff on forward time echoes

James Woolsey on WW4

Logical Fallacies

MIT OpenCourseware

Make a Joule Thief

Molecular computing online course

Museum of online museums MOOM

Norad audio transcripts of 911

Ocean - comparative religions

Phone Phreaking

Pocketmod - Free personal organizer

Policy Review #114

Psychology of Intelligence Analysis

puzzle rocking chair

Religion as a Mind Virus

Religion memetics - excellent

Russian Beacons on 40 meters

Statfor weekly briefing

Tesla Down Under

The Amateur Scientist cdrom of all articles

The Mind Virus

Ultimate Boot CD for Win


Un-Demoralize yourself


AFU Knoppix Ham Radio CDROM


Feather Linux

How to Remaster Knoppix without Remastering

How to Remaster Knoppix

Knoppix Remastering Howto

Knoppix hamshack-hack



1997 NASPA articles by month

3270 datastream programming

ABCs of Z/OS system programming redbooks

ACF2 to RACF Redbook

ASM/370 links

Ask Mainframe Experts

Asm OpCodes chart

BOOK: MVS System Programming


Backup and Restore Jcl Examples


Bookmanager Searchable Links page

Cheryl Watson's tuning letter articles

Codepage info

Command Reference Notes for Sysprogs

create a mini mvs system

DFSMS - Catalogs

DFSORT Splice examples

DFSORT tricks

Dave's TN3270 FAQ


Daves hex page

Dictionary of Computing Terms

FTP TLS to external host in batch

Google MVS links

h3270 web based 3270 client

HILMAS High Level Macro Asm progs

HLASM links

HowTo TN3270 SSL OS390 2.10

IBM DVL self study courses 1

IBM DVL self study courses 2

IBM ISPF Workstation Agent

IBM Logrec Viewer download

IBM VVDS Fix Catalog

IBM freeware

IBM utilities guide


ISPF-L list



JZOS / Dataset Pipes

Java programs in MVS batch

List of Listservs

ListServs at Marist

Listservers at UGA (assembler-list)

MVS Bookshelf

MVSHelp forums

Mainframe Monthly

Mainframe Week - MVS/ZOS Z/OS courses

MvsHelp Ref01


NETSTAT admin man page

OMVS freeware from IBM

OpenSource software redbook (binaries)

Ops Console commands 1

Ops Console commands 2

Ops Console commands 3


Planet MVS Freeware (Daves MVS Freeware)

RACF meets USS part1

RACF meets USS part2

REXX Reference


RFC4217 FTP SSL/TLS state of play

RMF Spreadsheet Reporter

Redbook: TCP/IP Tutorial

Rexx Function package for OMVS (stdio/REXX)

Rexx Global variables

Rexx manuals

Rexx users guide

SAS userguides fm

SDSF Usage Tips - xdc

SMF data info

SSH Batch jobs to external server

Securing Z/OS FTP server

TDSlink free Web-based IP trace tool - good stuff

The Guerilla Model of perfomance analysis

Using REXX under USS

Utilities examples

X3270 / C3270


XEPHON MVS archive

Xephon MVS

Z/OS 1.4 IP Diagnosis Reference

Z/OS 1.7 Bookshelf

Z/OS 1.7 Collection

Z/OS 1.7 Data Areas

z/OS CheatSheets

Z/OS Internet Library

Z/OS basic skills page

Z/OS basics redbook

Z/OS web based install wizards


msgroup bike forum


16f628 LC meter

16f84 LC meter

32 bit math routines

32 bit signed math routines

ATMEL Butterfly Primer

AVR projects eg. GCC butterfly LCD code

aa0zz homepage picel k8 keyer iqvfo etc

Acroname - pic controllers servers

Binary Counter for 16f84

bknd c compiler

Butterfly information fm robotgames

COM84 PIC programmer

Circuit Cellar PIC links

Clock 1

Clock 2

Clock 3

cramerlcd.asm cramerlcd.h

DSP info

dl4yhf freq counter

EIO LCD intro

EasyPIC3 (w/ C,PAS,BAS compilers) awesome

Engineers Assistant

Free C compiler for PICs

Free MikroElektronika compilers

GNU SDCC PIC compiler

gnupic lcd simulator

Hacking a mouse for encoders


Hitachi 44780 LCD controller

How to control a HD44780 LCD

How to use intellegent LCDs

Howto do RS232 without a MAX232

IC-Prog programmer

IK3OIL counter

L/C Meter 16F84 German

LCD I/O Routines

Morse decoder uses 16f84 and 567

My first PIC project

OM3CPH Freq counter

PJRC - 8051 Development board

Parallel Port LCD

Pic Logic Analyzer

Pic MicroController online book

PicPGM free works with 12f683

PicelGen/ Sweepgen for PICEL/DDSVFO

Programming the Butterfly for idiots like me

RepairFaq LCD HD44780

source for pic programmers


Stefs PIC pages (JAL)

Stepper motor encoder for VFO

Stepper motor encoder

Stepper motor experiments

Stepper motor generator

VE3LNY pic projects

VK3BHR counter

Warp 13 programmer

Weeder frequency counter 16f84 keyers


Book K + R C - reference with examples

DB2 Express - Free

DSLIN graphing software works with dev-c++

Dev-C++ FAQ

Download VB.NET express

Excellent set of links to C/Dev-c++ resources

Free C compilers check out cygwin and dev-c++


LearnVisualStudio.Net videos

Liberty Basic

Nullsoft SuperPimp scriptable installer




SysInternals system software freeware

VB express learning videos

Windows Scripting Host


propagation and geophysics

6 Meter propagation map 2

6 Meter propagation map current

AA7A propagation page - Good links

BLO Ionosonde

Coronal Holes over time

Earthquake precursors

Exploring the Electromagnetic Spectrum

greyline map 2

Greyline map

HAARP - data from site

HAARP Operations


HIPAS ionosonde

Ionosonde - Athens

KL7R DX Cluster

Lowel DigiSonde information

Lowell Digisonde Station List

Magnetic Antennae for ULF

My propagation page

NA5N FDIM propagation seminar

NOAA 27day forecast

Nasa INSPIRE projects sferics tweaks whistlers

Pedersem Rays

PingJockey WSJT meteor page

Russian HF Beacons

Schumann 2

Schumann 3 VLF

Schumann Resonances 1

Schumann Resonances in HAARP ELF receiver

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report

Space Weather Now from SEC

StratWarm Nitrogen and Ozone Hole

TV carrier freqs

Listen to ch2 TV vid carrier for 6m openings

UWASA Sunpot Numbers

VOACAP Propagation Prediction


10 watt linear amp

2n2 etc page

3 band 4 watts Rig using 74hc240

5 watt 30m xmtr using 2n3053s

7040 audio stream

74hc240 transmitter

7L2VPL web site

BITX20 homepage Farhan

Black Widow paddles

CW over Echolink

Circuit - DSB transmitter

Clipper Paddles homebrew

Club Sandwich - multiple altoids boxes - 1 qrp rig

Club Sandwich Building Block Radio Project

Crystal Swap page

Discrete component rc active filters

Fireball 40 amp

G4OEP QRP/Glowbug stuff

GooTee board PCB

Great KX1 case

HandsOn Radio by ARRL

Homebrewers Hobby page

How to get 74db from an LM386

IW3HEV antenna analyzer

Joule Thief led flashlight

KE6US Site

Klunky Schematic Drawing

Leon Heller's website

LoFer receiver using 2 chips and a soundcard

M0HBR homepage

manhattan building techniques etc

Measure ground resistance/ noise bridge schematic

MixerVFO - two xtals one transistor

N0SS site great K1 K2 site

NB6M miniboots

NE QRP club noise bridge kit

NJQRP Coherent CW page

Nick Kennedy's circuits

No moving parts iambic paddles

Noise Bridge Schematic

Online Book - Crystal Sets to SideBand

PA0FBK FT817 qrp page

PG1N QRP site fb

Pipsqueak Regen Receiver

Popcorn preamps

QRP / Burning Man - Great Site

QRP linear amp 500mw

QRP-L Searchable

QRP10 - awesome

This is a book on the construction of the QRP10

Ranson projects FB

Receiver Building Blocks

diode dbm product detector

Regen Receiver

SM0VP0 - Harrys homebrew page

SM0VPO 1/2 watt amp

SM0VPO 4 watt qrp linear amp

SM0VPO 500mW Linear Amp #1

SMT / conventional prototype board

SMT part kits/ land patterns

SP5DDJ qrp site

SSB exciter

simple dsb tx

Single transistor regen RX

SoftRock 40

Tuning VFOs with a PN Junction

VE7BPO Popcorn QRP/SWL site

ve7ca's qrp links

wa6otp pixie

Wee Willy DSB Transmitter


Cert Bulletins


16 ways to tie your shoelaces

Abdul abulbul amir



Internet TV Stations

Lego Mindstorm Paddles



SoundCard Software

Arrl article on SCAMP

Audio derived PTT for PSK

ChromaSound DSP filter

DFT sample program w/ source

DL4YHF Soundcard Utilities

DazyWeb Oscilloscope


Flex32 soundcard packet for windows

Ham Radio Deluxe

Oscilloscope for Windows

PileMania Windows pileup trainer - pretty good

Portable phone on echolink/skype

Powering Soundcard Microphones


Soundblaster Mic Preamp

Soundcard Audio Tools and Toys

Soundcard Tips


Mini Bending Brake

Pricelessware - Best Freeware

Windows Freeware Utilities


Cypress Semiconductor's compilation of ham rig selling prices crystals

Dans Small Parts - electronics



Edmund Scientific

Electroncs parts

Electronics Goldmine Parts

Fairchild Transistor cross reference parts/surplus

futurlec (zif sockets etc)

Info on Anderson Powerpole

30 amp is the standard




NTE Transistor Cross Reference

NightFire Electroncs Component kits

Ocean State Electronics

OceanState Electronics - crystals

Old tube-type powersupply caps

Parts suppliers King

peanut whistle etc

Small Wonder Labs kits hardware Transistor Data Sheets

WebTronics Doug Hendrix


Xtal radio parts supplier


Web developer links from dynamicdrive



Windows Programming

C# Source code

Devlib-Central directx/sdl for devc++

Digital Fourier Transform

Good writeup on DFT math

foosyerdoos winapi programming

GameTutorials windows programming

Games written in Allegro

inputbox for vc++

Inspect dll exports/imports


Microsoft Empower for ISVs

$350 for everything microsoft has...

Microsoft Visual C++ .net free

Nomad Programming tutorials

Reliable Software W32 API Tutorial

Source code dft soundcard winapi

Win Api Examples

Win32 programming FAQ

winapi32 tutorial

Windows API online reference

Windows Assembler Programming


APRO Zilla

APRO on SourceForge

CodeGuru A communications class for serial port

CodeGuru Accessing Com Ports

CodeGuru Forum - How to prevent start up pulse?

CodeProject Serial Library for C++

CommApi Reference

comport wrapper example

How can I dial out the modem using Delphi?

How to access serial and parallel ports w/

Platform SDK

Prpgrammers Heaven Windows Comm/Tapi

Serial Communication in Win32

Serial Programming under Windows

Serial comunication with VB.NET

Serial port access with Borland C++ builder

Serial port software

Serial programming using Delphi

Using Communications Resources

Using Visual C++ w/ MFC in serial port apps

Using a PC's serial port

vbrad mscomm tutorial

Win32 API wrappper code downloads

Windows API and devices

Writing a Serial Comms library for Windows


Welcome to Corel Support Downloads


Award-Winning NoteTab Text Editors and HTML Editors

File Library at Channel 1 Images DTP-Clipart


Canon printer drivers (cannon, canyon Canon drivers) (printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers, etc.) - DriverGu

Welcome to Corel Support Downloads


Ebook Library at the Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia


AmberNet-UK Amateur Radio Network

internet radio




Spring Hill Nurseries - bFrequently Asked Questions & Customer Serviceb

Texas Native Trees

my web sites

Free HTML tester for Web Pages

Free submission of web pages

Net Radio Stations

Introducing Radio@Netscape Plus

LAUNCH - Your Yahoo! Music Experience - Music videos, internet radio, artist photos, music information, and more.

LAUNCHcast Home

Live365 - Radio Revolution


Rhapsody - Digital Music Service


WINAMP.COM Winamp Radio



Qualys Browser Checkup


CALLERLAB - International Ass'n of Square Dance Callers - Home Page




The Square Apparel carrying Suzi's Ruffles square dance apparel and petticoats.

WebMD - Don't Be a Square -- Dance!

Telephone tech stuff

Telephone technology page

Texas Repeaters

Temple Amateur Radio Club

visual basic

Visual Basic Examples

web stuff

Graphics by Shawna


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best free website providers

DeluXe Host - Free Webhosting 100MB Webspace, 300GB Traffic, PHP, MySQL

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Add your URL to Google

AltaVista - Basic Submit

Animation Factory's MediaBuilder - Free Backgrounds, Clip Art, Web Elements, Animations and Online Tools

Ask Jeeves - Submit a Site

DJ Java Decompiler

Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- Slide-In Menu Bar I

GIFWorks! Free Online GIF eTools

How to Add a Site, Website for The Kim Komando Radio Show®, Kool sites, Website for The Kim Komando Radio Show®, Shareware

Lycos InSite

Member Registration - Terra Lycos Network

META Tag Builder

Netfirms, free web hosting for small business

NoteTab HTML Libraries

OCS Solutions - Web Site Hosting, Web Design, IT Outsourcing

Official Site of GuildFTPD HTML Tutorials & Javascript -

Robin's Tutorials

Submit It! MSN Search Free Submission

Yahoo! - How to Suggest Your Site


Download X10 Software

Software Download Center

Tom's Home Automation Webpage.... Earthmen Productions (c)

XP Tweaks

Windows XP Home and Professional Services Configuration


x10 dos program

1001 Fonts .com Download Free Fonts -- My Member Area

Acceris Partners Long Distance Sign-Up

All Ink Cartridges

Angelfire Web Shell build

AutoFix Repair Bay

Belarc Advisor UK UK Radio

Boneyard Bluebook The Non-commercial online Radio Pricing Guide

box labeler

buy parts


Computer games

dans small parts and kits

Debian GNULinux -- Software Packages in `stable', x11 section

Delphion Research intellectual property network - international and US patent search database (printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers, etc.) - DriverGu


excellent ham programs


Finding Information on the Internet Table of Contents

FireCracker! - The Ultimate in Home Control

FortuneCity - Step 1 Select A Hosting Package

Freeware Home - System Utilities Security Password Recovery - The largest guide to free webhosting.

Generic Inkjet Cartridges and Inkjet Refill Kits

great ee tools & progs

Green Bay Professional Packet Radio

IBS Net Access Customer Satisfaction Center

IP Chicken!

Items matching ( cd media ) - A place to learn about, download, and discuss Linux.

many ham programs

My Member Area -

My Member Area - default.partner

OCS Solutions - Web Site Hosting, Web Design, IT Outsourcing

Order Crape Myrtle Trees

PC Pitstop Home

QRZ Ham Radio Practice Tests

Radio Station Guide

Site of Lloyd Butler VK5BR - Web's biggest serials database


TechTV Add a Second Hard Drive

TechTV Family Roots Spread Online

TechTV Free File Archive

TechTV Genealogy Sites Go Deep

TechTV New things. Turn us on.

TechTV The Screen Savers

The educational encyclopedia, transformer types

The HAM Radio Operator's Antenna Handbook on the Internet

To Order Trees - Your #1 Stop for Computers, Printers, Digital Cameras, Electronics, Appliances and much more....


ViewMate Registration Form

Walden Farms French Dressing - a la Carb - The Low Carb & Sugar Free Menu™

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